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Compact control cabinets

Compact control cabinet variants and their potential uses

When the electronic components of a production plant or facility and process engineering systems are not installed directly within the machine or system, industrial enclosures are used. These protect the installed electrical equipment/electronics against dirt, water, overheating, and mechanical influence. Users are also protected against electromagnetic emissions and contact with hazardous voltages. One variant are compact control cabinets, which are lockable and are suitable for wall mounting, on account of which they are also known as wall enclosures.

Compact control cabinets are frequently used in the following areas:

  • Electricals and electronics
  • Information technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Lift and crane construction
  • Renewable energy plants

Compact control cabinets are available in various materials. Steel control cabinets are the most common variants. These robust and affordable models are well-suited for indoor applications. Polycarbonate control cabinets impress with their high impact resistance and their light weight. They are suitable for outdoor use, as are stainless steel control cabinets. These are corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.


Order functional compact control cabinets at Automation24.

Automation24 offers a curated selection of compact control cabinets. The polycarbonate wall-mounted control cabinets from the ARCA series by FIBOX impress with their good price/performance ratio and clever design. Fulfilling the IK10 standard, they are particularly impact-resistant and are also flame-retardant. Among the various models are options with or without an inspection window. These control cabinets can be mounted onto walls and pillars.

The robust steel control cabinets from the Rittal AX series fulfil the requirements of the IP66 protection class and feature a PU seal, meaning they reliably protect the installed components against water and dust. Inside, there are enclosure cams laid out in the same pattern found in the popular VX24 large control cabinet from Rittal, which means the compact control cabinet can be retrofitted without any need for drilling.

For areas of application with particularly high requirements, the stainless steel wall-mounted control cabinets from the Rittal HD (Hygienic Design) series are exceptionally well suited. They have been especially developed for applications in the food and luxury food industry. The top panel featuring a 30° incline, the external and seamless blue silicone seals, and the internal hinges contribute to ensuring the guarantee of a hygienic environment.

Compatible enclosure accessories such as DIN rails, mounting plates, control cabinet receptacles and enclosure heaters can also be found within the Automation24 product range.

Check out the large selection of compact control cabinets at Automation24 now. Whether it's polycarbonate, steel, or stainless steel wall-mounted control cabinets you need, here you will find the right control cabinet to suit your application. If you are unsure as to which wall enclosure is the right one for your, feel free to contact our technical customer service.