Control cabinet lights

Control cabinet lights for comfortable work in control cabinets

As expected, the inside of a control cabinet is dark and difficult to see. Just distinguishing between different colours of cables can quickly become a challenge.

When planning control cabinets, however, the poor visibility is often not taken into account. But if there are system components inside the cabinets that have to be operated frequently, so-called control cabinet lights prove to be almost indispensable. These are lights that are installed directly in the control cabinet and make it easier to identify and operate the devices used there. This way, for example, operating errors during installation, maintenance and repair can be avoided and expensive delays can be avoided.

Differences between control cabinet lights

Control cabinet lights differ, for example, in terms of their size, material properties, lumen output and connection technology. They are used in a variety of industrial sectors, such as

  • Machine production
  • Control engineering
  • and control panel building

Control cabinet lights from Rittal at Automation24 for the best price

In the category industrial luminaires, Automation24 offers Rittal control cabinet lights and LED system lights in different dimensions.

Rittal LED lights are an innovation on the market because they provide very strong illumination of your control cabinet and flexible light distribution that can be adapted to the installation conditions. This means that every little corner is perfectly illuminated. Despite the high lumen output, the system lights are very energy-efficient thanks to modern LED technology.

Thanks to the snap-in hook system, the control cabinet lights from Rittal can also be installed quickly and without tools. Whether lying or standing - you can install the control cabinet lights in different positions as required, thus ensuring the best possible illumination.

In the online shop, you can find standard LED system lights with motion detectors and a socket with a 90° rotatable plug connection.

All Rittal control cabinet lights have UL approval for the American market and can be used globally thanks to the wide-range voltage input.

At Automation24 you can also get the right accessories for your control cabinet lights. For example, you can purchase the door position switch Rittal SZ 2500.460 so that the LED light comes on automatically when the control cabinet door is opened.

By the way, you will also find a large number of high-quality enclosures / control cabinets from Rittal as well as from FIBOX and Raychem RPG to match the LED lights.

If you want to make your work in the control cabinet easier from now on, you should rely on the energy-efficient control cabinet lights from Rittal. Order now at Automation24 at an excellent price-performance ratio and receive it rapidly from stock.