+GF+ – Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer Do you want to measure, monitor and control your processes with maximum precision? If so, then it's time you got to know the manufacturer +GF+, aka Georg Fischer, and its secure measuring technologies.

Who is Georg Fischer and what is +GF+?

Georg Fischer, also known as +GF+ for short, is a company that was founded in 1802 and is headquartered in Switzerland. +GF+ started out as a copper smelter and development site for new alloys.

In the meantime, with "GF Piping Systems", one of its three divisions, the future-oriented manufacturer has specialised in piping systems, measurement technology and associated plastic and metal components for a wide variety of installation situations. Georg Fischer is always working on consistent and innovative system solutions to meet customer requirements in the long term. Care is taken to ensure that products are safe, fast, economical, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.

In this way, +GF+ ensures safe transportation of drinking water, liquid and gas at all times.

For which industries are system solutions from +GF+ suitable?

+GF+ products are frequently used in the following branches, as well as many others:

  • Water industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Energy supply
  • Building technology

Georg Fischer products online at Automation24 for high-precision measurement

With Automation24, you can purchase various Georg Fischer products from the field of flow measurement technology for different media as well as measuring and temperature ranges.

For precise and non-contact measurement of flow rates, you can purchase ultrasonic flow meters made of plastic, which can easily be integrated into running processes thanks to the clamp-on connection. This means that pipes do not have to be opened.

The PF portaflow series offers portable ultrasonic flow meters for water or liquid media in general. The compact U1000 V2 series is suitable for permanent installation and is used to measure pure water.

The FlowtraMag electromagnetic flow meters, made of plastic and also known as magmeters from +GF+, are suitable for measuring conductive liquids. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, they can easily be installed via the free Configuration Tool App (download in the Google Play Store/download in the Apple Store).

For highly accurate and economical flow measurements in pipelines, the versatile float flowmeters are a suitable solution. These are available in numerous materials and with various measurement options. They are used, for example, in chemical processing as well as in water treatment.

In the field of evaluation units for flow measurement, you can also purchase process indicators with Signet 9900 – 159001695 for the display, output, and monitoring of measured values. It does not matter whether these are flow, ph, conductivity, resistance, pressure, temperature and level sensors or dissolved oxygen sensors.

Among the process sensors, compact float switches are available for monitoring the level of liquids, waste water and chemicals. The switches can easily be mounted on the inside of cisterns, tanks, manholes and basins.

In the category of accessories for process control and monitoring you will find an optional batch, relay, and analogue output module for expanding the evaluation unit with additional functions.

With +GF+ or Georg Fischer, you can reliably monitor the flow rates and quantities in your processes. In this way, you quickly recognise when production losses are imminent and measures are required. You are just one online order away from protecting yourself from unnecessary maintenance and servicing expenses. Choose the right +GF+ solution for your requirements now!

If you have any questions about choosing the right flow meter or other products, contact the experienced engineers and technicians at Automation24.