ifm electronic

ifm At Automation24 you can find a wide range of products from the world-renowned brand manufacturer ifm electronic at preferential rates. With the products from ifm electronic, process detection, process monitoring and fluid measurement is achieved easily.

ifm electronic: Leading company in more than 70 countries

ifm is a worldwide manufacturer of various articles that are used in automation technology. The company was founded in 1969 and is family-owned in the second generation. Almost 6.000 employees are involved in the development, elaboration and production of products of automation technology that are used in more than 70 countries worldwide.

What industries does ifm electronic produce for?

The products and applications from ifm are used in industries such as:

  • Meat and milk processing
  • Automotive industry
  • Water purification (drinking water, industrial waste water, swimming pool technology, etc.)
  • Heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems

The products from ifm are for example used to measure temperatures, detect positions and observe the consumption of certain materials.

Evaluation units and inductive sensors in portrait

One of the products from the company's range is for example the SN0150 control monitor for flow sensors. It is often selected by many companies since it can easily be integrated in the existing application thanks to DIN rail mounting. The potentiometer allows making several settings to precisely monitor temperatures.

The inductive sensor IA0032 - IAE2010-FBOA is another product from the portfolio of this German manufacturer. Installation of the sensor is also very simple thanks to the supplied mounting clamp. Moreover wiring is quickly done because a 2-wire connection is, of course, available.

At Automation24 you discover a number of monitoring units, sensors and accessories from ifm. Select the suitable sensors that ensure more efficiency and precise control of your application.