IXON Logo If you want smarter machines, then you should consider a cloud connection. It doesn't have to be complicated, because the manufacturer IXON offers a simple IoT solution for you with its cloud. Discover the future-proof products now at Automation24!

IXON Cloud – fulfilling engineers' dreams of cleverer systems

IXON was founded in 2014 and focuses on secure and fast cloud connections.

IXON was born out of mechanical engineers' increasing desire to connect their system to a Cloud. In general, Cloud topics are very complex. This has made it all the more important for IXON to develop an accessible and simple industrial IoT solution for machine manufacturers: the IXON Cloud!

What functions does the IXON Cloud offer?

The IXON Cloud offers the use of comprehensive functions, such as:

  • Creating yout own all-in-one IIoT portal with customisable access rights
  • Remote access to your machines
  • Optional alarm and notification configurations
  • Machine log data for a central insight into all your machine data
  • Data visualisation using user-defined dashboards

Despite this variety of demanding options, setting up the Cloud is self-explanatory thanks to Plug & Play. Programming and developing skils are not necessary.

The IXON Cloud is ISO-27001 certified, therefore guaranteeing that your data is kept confidential and secure and is also protected against data loss.

Which IXON products can be found on Automation24?

In the control systems category, you will find IoT components from IXON.

You can purchase IoT Gateways, the so-called IXrouter3 for the Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. The VPN routers will automatically send your machine data to the IXON Cloud. This allows you to analyse, optimise and, if necessary, quickly react to process values in order to minimise downtime, for example.

For convenient notifications if your systems critically exceed or fall short of values, we recommend the unlimited-use Cloud Notify IXON IXP503 licence. This allows you to configure alarms and notifications for remote access.

In the wireless accessories section, you can get signal-strengthening IXON Wi-Fi antennas to match the routers.

Don't forget to choose an appropriate data tariff for the routers either. For this purpose, we offer you various tariff options with different terms up to 5 years and data volumes up to 250,000 dps/hour.

Think of the future and guarantee smart machines by connecting to IXON's industrial IoT Cloud. In the long term, you will benefit from improved system availability and optimised maintenance cycles and save on maintenance costs that would be incurred without the Cloud. All IXON products are available off the shelf – order now and get the most out of your systems!

Get to know more about IXON here: www.ixon.cloud/