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KNIPEX Logo Are you looking for high-quality pliers that impress with their durability, handling and performance? The world's leading pliers specialist KNIPEX promises outstanding quality made in Germany with its products. You can obtain these at Automation24 for the best price.

KNIPEX – experienced tool specialist

Since 1982, Wuppertal company KNIPEX has been enhancing the industry and residential sector with its incredibly precise pliers and other high-quality tools.

Narrow tolerance limits are observed in order to fulfil the high demands. This is possible thanks to sophisticated manufacturing technology. The products are checked and measured after every step of the manufacturing process. The most modern measuring techniques, continuous test systems and manual tests are used.

Products are exclusively assembled at our company site so that all production steps can be strictly monitored and controlled.

The materials used are unrestricted rolled steel alloys that meet strict specified criteria.

So that work can be done more effectively and quickly, new pliers are produced and tried-and-tested pliers are developed further.

Where can tools from KNIPEX be used?

KNIPEX tools can be used in numerous areas. For example, these areas include:

  • Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Automobiles
  • Photovoltaics
  • Aviation

Shopping for KNIPEX on Automation24: High-quality products made in Germany

In addition to a small selection of wire strippers, you will also find the self-adjusting crimping plier Twistor16 - 975318 among the range of crimping tools in the KNIPEX hand tools portfolio available at Automation24. These are used for crimping wire end ferrules with and without plastic collars. For this purpose, among the wire cutters you will find the corrugated pipe cutter TwistCut - 902201SB for cutting empty and finished corrugated pipes to length.

Alternative manufacturers of work tools available at Automation24 include the experienced manufacturer Weidmüller.

If you value precision in your tools, KNIPEX products are perfect for you! Their products are made in Germany and impress with excellent quality products available at the best prices – order now from Automation24!

Find out more about KNIPEX here: