Leuze electronic You would like an effective object detection solution? Automation24 offers you the right opto sensors for every application at an attractive price from the experienced manufacturer Leuze.

Leuze electronic: sensor specialist looking to the future

Leuze electronic was founded in 1963 in Owen/Teck, Germany. At that time, the focus was on producing sensors for Leuze's own weaving mill. Over time, the portfolio grew. Nowadays, the manufacturer offers measuring sensors, data processing and image transmission solutions, as well as identification systems and safety components

The 6-member founding team focused on customers' needs and wishes from the very beginning. This resulted in creative and sustainable solutions that drove the company's growth, for which Leuze is still known today.

Opto sensors in particular are a primary focus for Leuze. The many milestones achieved over the course of the company's history are evidence of this.

It all began in the 1960s with the development of the RK 06/1, the smallest reflector head in the world. Into the 1970s, and along came the sturdy reflective photoelectric sensor RK188 made of metal for harsh industrial environments. Around the same time, Leuze also brought the world's first data transfer photoelectric sensor, DDLS 78, onto the market.

In the 1980s, on the other hand, the PRK 72 reflective photoelectric sensor came to the fore, which was characterised by a non-contact reflector head. Then came the development of polarisation filters for detecting transparent objects. These are just a few of the milestones, as so many innovations were to follow.

The perfect solution for numerous areas of application

With the growth of increasingly creative product inventions, this driver of innovation continuously developed more customers from different industrial sectors, such as the:

  • Automobile industry
  • Printing industry
  • Timber industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Drinks industry

Leuze photoelectric sensors and laser sensors for different applications in the Automation24 online shop

The vast experience that Leuze has gathered over time can be seen today in the outstanding quality of its sensors.

Automation24 is also impressed by this and values the manufacturer as an experienced industry partner. For this reason, you will find a selection of cubic photoelectric sensors and laser sensors from Leuze for various applications in the Position sensors category.

The sturdy 3C model gives you user-friendly opto sensors with comprehensive teach functions. They have a long range and can be used in the packaging and materials industry.

Thanks to its standard function principles, series 15 is suitable for universal industrial use. It is also sturdy and has a long range.

Model 23's miniature format offers comparable features to series 15. However, it can be operated via multiturn potentiometer.

With the Leuze photoelectric sensors from the 25C sensor series, you can uncover various areas of application in packaging technology, automation technology and intra logistics. Thanks to the metal-reinforced M4 threaded sleeves, they have a strong enclosure and have a long range for their compact size. The reference buttons in the series are particularly noteworthy. They feature an IO-Link interface and, in contrast to standard photoelectric sensors, they can use the conveyor as a reference to identify discrepancies such as cardboard packaging.

The 46C series, with a very sturdy plastic enclosure, is suitable for the timber industry, materials and warehouse technology, and special machine construction. The sensors also have a long range and are easy to align. They can be set using a potentiometer or mechanical setting spindle. The warning output ensures continual availability.

All models can optionally be light/dark-switching, have clearly visible LED indicators and offer high ambient light immunity thanks to A²LS (Active Ambient Light Suppression). In addition, many of the Leuze Optosensors are Ecolab certified and therefore suitable for use in harsh industry environments.

You too can rely on experienced manufacturer Leuze for efficient object detection. Order the appropriate model of sensor for your application from Automation24 and benefit from attractive prices as well as fast shipment within 24 hours.