Logic module LOGO! 8.3

The LOGO! 8.3 from Siemens with direct Cloud connection is available now from Automation24! The new logic modules combine the proven strengths of the previous LOGO! module with new sustainable possibilities. Read more!

Logic module LOGO! 8.3

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LOGO! 8.3 is even more efficient and flexible thanks to Cloud connection

For example, have you ever imagined how practical it would be to monitor pumps at different locations from your office chair, to forecast machine failures in advance or to control and evaluate extensive energy data? Then put your ideas into action with the new Siemens LOGO! Series 8.3.

While the versatile functionality and the simple handling of the reliable predecessor series of the Siemens LOGO! are retained, the new logic modules from the 8.3 series offer you more possibilities for application and use thanks to the Cloud interface!

The Cloud connectivity allows you to design, control and monitor your automation projects regardless of location and time. Thanks to the integrated web server, with the LOGO! 8.3 and the free and up-to-date LOGO! Web Editor V1.1, you can create your own websites and dashboards. You can then host ehese in the Cloud. Without any programming skills, you can then define virtual switches, buttons and parameters as required in order to operate your systems from a central point at a distance. It is not necessary to stop operation to do this. Whether via your PC, tablet or smartphone, you will have flexible live access to your data!

Other features of the LOGO! 8.3 series include:

  • Off-site data storage with Cloud provider AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Secure data transfer in both directions thanks to TLS protocol (writing & reading)
  • Numerous connectivity options such as Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet & Konnex-bus (KNX)
  • Backward compatibility with older LOGO! 9 expansion modules
  • Even more options for simple networked work

For which industries is LOGO! suitable? 8.3?

The Logo! 8.3 is suitable for versatile control tasks and is used, for example, in the following areas:

  • Building technology
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Machine and apparatus construction
  • Industry and production processes

Which modules for the LOGO! 8.3 logic module series are available from Automation24?

In the Control Systems category on Automation24, you can find the versatile modules from the LOGO! 8.3 series from Siemens as well as the corresponding programming software that will guide you through the installation.

The basic modularly-expandable LOGO! modules with or without displayare compatible with the expansion modules of the LOGO! 8 series and the communication modules. Ethernet interfaces allow you to communicate easily with HMI operating panels or with the S7-1200 systems.

Bring your ideas of a flexible automation and switching solution to life now. All you need is an internet connection, an Amazon Web Service account and a Siemens LOGO! 8.3! Start now with the appropriate logic module from the Automation24 range! Any questions? We are here for you, please feel free to contact us.

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