Murrplastik Do you wish to buy individually customizable cable protection conduits and cable fittings for your applications without making any compromise on quality? Then we have what is exactly right for you!

Murrplastik: A Real Success Story

The company Murrplastik was founded in the German town of Oppenweiler in 1963. Whereas they started with plastic household articles, they later specialised more and more on system technology and components made of plastic for various industries. Today the company has various headquarters and several production sites worldwide. The experience and know-how of many years is passed on to the customers as high-quality products.

Cable Protection & Conduit Fitting Systems from Murrplastik

With the trade name Murrplastik the company has created a brand which distinguishes products especially designed for the needs of professionals in mounting technology. Here you can find everything from cable protection conduits to holding supports, fittings and insulation material that is needed for the installation of plastic components. Also in automation technology installations, Murrplastik products are often used by professionals; here you receive simple, but functional and well-designed components with an excellent price-performance-ratio.

Murrplastik by the Meter at Automation24

We, Automation24, are an online-shop in the field of automation technology. Business as well as private customers can select from a variety of articles. At Automation24, Murrplastik products can be purchased from the category Connection technology. Additionally, you can find Cable protection conduits available by the meter, for example, as well as matching accessories, such as conduit holders, cable fittings and seals.

Order the products from Murrplastik suitable for your application today and experience the performance and quality in perfection. And all this at low prices.