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NOVUS Logo Are you looking for example for accurate controllers, data loggers, temperature transmitters or pressure sensors? Your search is over: the advanced products from NOVUS Automation are sure to impress!

NOVUS – Experts in "Measuring. Monitoring. Recording."

Since 1982, Brazilian manufacturer NOVUS Automation has been developing and producing a host of products, for instance, in the fields of data collection, data recording, temperature and process monitoring, and signal transmission. The exceptional product quality speaks for itself, and has contributed to the international growth of the company. For example, there are now subsidiaries present in Argentina, France, and the USA.

It order to continue to meet high international quality requirements within the automation industry going forward, an ultra-modern production facility with an autonomous production cell, which can be reconfigured in real time, was inaugurated in Brazil in 2018. In addition to this, modern research laboratories round off the production infrastructure to perfection.

Where can NOVUS products be used?

Production solutions from NOVUS Automation are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Wastewater disposal
  • Agriculture
  • Building technology
  • Food industry
  • Transport and logistics

Products from NOVUS Automation in stock at Automation24

At Automation24, you will find a wide range of quality products from the internationally active manufacturer, NOVUS Automation, at exceptional prices.

The portfolio includes robust hydrostatic pressure transmitters with a piezo-resistive membrane, for continous level monitoring in wells, reservoirs, rivers, tanks and boreholes.

In the area of DIN-rail-mounted/head transmitters, you can find compact temperature transmitters, which convert signals from Pt100, Pt1000 and thermocouples to current or voltage signals and are suitable for use in applications where space is limited. This also includes flexible universal temperature head transmitters for numerous different types of thermocouples and RTDs. These are used for the simple, fast, and accurate determination and processing of measurement values in a diverse range of industrial applications.

From the process control and monitoring category, you can also purchase various data managers / data loggers for the data recording and monitoring of all possible process variables. There are multi-channel data loggers from the FieldLogger series available, with eight analogue inputs, as well as LogBox data loggers with three analogue inputs and added Bluetooth and WiFi functionality.

The process indicators from NOVUS Automation include universal process indicators for the dynamic display of process values from Pt100 sensors, various types of thermocouple, and analogue signals, as well as flow indicators for the display of both current measurement values and totalized values. The process indicator NOVUS LoopView-N - 8817000200 is suitable for the display of multiple measurements, such as pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH and motion.

Temperature values in machines and industrial plants can be optimally monitored and controlled with the manufacturer's high-performance PID temperature controllers from the temperature evaluation category. The Type N1200 controllers enable process control and monitoring.

In addition, the Automation24 range also includes durable solid-state coupling relays, which enable the rapid switching of resistive and inductive loads.

If you want to perform reliable measurement, control, monitoring, and recording tasks, you can rely on products from NOVUS. See for yourself, and purchase unbeatable prices now! Automation24 ships available goods quickly.

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