Operating mode selection switches

ID key-operated switch (maintained), RFID coding, 4 positions O-I-II-III (45°), Key withdrawal in all positions, Colour: Black, Installation diameter 22.3 mm, Protection rating: IP66/IP67/IP69K, Material: Plastic, Without ID key
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SIRIUS ID key switch starter kit, ID key switch actuating element, mounting adapter, electronic module IO-Link (freely programmable), 5 x ID keys (white/green/yellow/red/blue), shield holder with 4 shields, screwdriver SIRIUS partially insulated
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What are operating mode selector switches for?

Operating mode selector switches allow separate safety functions to be selected during maintenance, setup or service work.

During standard manufacturing operations, other safety functions are required. It is often the case that existing protective devices need to be bypassed, whilst at the same time it is essential to ensure the safety of the operating personnel.

Practical experience shows that 37% of all safety applications are manipulated, if no operating mode selector switch is present.

How are operating modes selected?

There are many different options for selecting operating modes, for example such as by:

  • Entering a password
  • and operating a key-operated switch

Here, the requirements from standards for operating mode selection are clearly set out in the standard 60204-1, and state that each selected operating mode:

  • must take precedence over all other control functions, with the exception of the emergency stop button
  • must be clear
  • must be visible
  • must be able to be locked or stroed and also remains active if the power supply is lost
  • can be limited for use by a selected group of authorised personnel only
  • requires confirmation of the new operating mode when changed

SIRIUS ACT operating mode selector switches from Siemens - available now from Automation24 online & compliant with the 60204-1 standard

Even though the operating mode selector switch requirements are set out clearly in the 60204-1 standard, in practice they are often misinterpreted. This is particularly the case for operating mode selection processes via HMI systems in conjunction with password protection or a simple key-operated switch. Here, the failure to implement the standard often comes from the user constraint options for selected groups of persons.

Compromising on safety technology is a false economy however! Automation24 will support you to fulfil the maximum safety requirements and for example with operating mode selector switches in the form of ID key-operated switches from the SIRIUS ACT series from Siemens offers you the ideal solution to build on.

The highly compact key-operated switches allow authorised personnel groups to be set using colour-coded and individually-coded RFID keys in a simple way. The keys allow you to select and display up to four operating modes

Combined with modules from the safety controls area, for example such as the fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1200F series to implement operating mode selection within the control system, the SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches provide a fully-compliant solution to all requirements set out in the 60204-1 standard.

To use the ID key-operated switch as a safety operating mode selector switch, you will also need a suitable electronics module, a fixing adapter, the desired RFID keys as well as safety input devices for example such as an HMI operating panel to confirm the new operating mode selected. If the switches are to be used in harsh environments, it is also recommended to use a protective membrane, allowing the very high IP69K protection class to be achieved.

In addition, at Automation24 you will find enable keys for setup operation as well as interlocks, if you use the operating mode selector switch for access management use.

If you do not need enhanced access control, and you are looking to apply a well-proven authorisation process, Automation24 also has the appropriate solution for your needs In the online shop you can also purchase classical key-operated-buttons from Eaton and Siemens.

Looking to carry out maintenance, service or setup processes safely and according to the DIN EN 60204-1 standard? Then order the high-quality operating mode selector switches from Siemens today!

With the ID key-operated switches and the matching components, you can ensure increased safety of your personnel in a simple way. Decide which group of persons receives extended access rights, and reliably prevent manipulation attempts.

If you would like additional advice, the competent and trained technical support team will be pleased to support you and to hear from you.