PATLITE LogoDo you want to increase the safety and availability of your machines and systems? For visual signalling of status changes, we recommend the long-life signal towers and signal lights from the world-famous manufacturer PATLITE. Order today at the best price at Automation24!

Short introduction from PATLITE

PATLITE has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for status lights, signal towers and acoustic indicators. The manufacturer's products contribute significantly to safety in the workplace as well as in the public sector, as they are not only required for everyday operation, but also for analysis and maintenance purposes.

The PATLITE product portfolio is continually developed by experienced engineers and adapted to customer requirements. The results are plain to see: high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Typical areas of application for PATLITE products

The PATLITE portfolio is used, for example, in the following areas:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Automatic cates

Large selection of PATLITE products off the shelf at Automation24

Signal towers and status lights play a significant role among the control & signalling devices, and are therefore an integral part of the Automation24 range.

You can look forward to space-saving compact signal lights from PATLITE with blue, yellow, green, red, transparent or multicoloured LEDs for reliable signalling of machine and system operating states. You don't need to sacrifice safety when you have limited space.

You can also purchase PATLITE signal-towers with a continuous light, flashing light and a buzzer or just with a continuous light for direct or tube mounting. You can choose between white or grey pillar models with signal colours red/yellow/green, just red/green or multicoloured. With the brightly lit signal towers from PATLITE, you can get a good view of the machine statuses even from a distance.

If you want maximum flexibility, Automation24 offers configurable signal towers from ifm electronic.

Do you want to stay informed about the status of your machines? Then the high-quality PATLITE products are an excellent choice for you. Order your choice of items now at the best prices and make an important contribution to increasing the safety and longevity of your machines and systems.