pmdtechnologies AG Logo Do you require ToF-based 3D cameras for industrial use? Within the Automation24 range, you will find advanced time-of-flight cameras from pmdtechnologies, for precise depth measurements, and more ...

Who is pmdtechnologies?

pmdtechnologies is a company founded in 2002, with headquarters in Siegen, Germany, specializing in ground-breaking 3D image sensors. The company is a leading supplier in the field of ToF technology and has made a significant impact, not only on the world of mobile devices, but also on the industrial sector.

ToF stands for "time-of-flight" and describes the time it takes for a light signal to reach an object and return. The time required is proportional to the distance. When an infrared light is used, the distance travelled or the transit time can be reliably and accurately measured, even in total darkness.

The camera systems from pmdtechnologies make use of this light transit time. For each image pixel, the time it takes the light to travel the respective distance can be measured. The result: you receive extensive depth as well as 3D surface data for the entire environment under consideration.

For which industries are 3D cameras suitable?

The possible areas of application for pmdtechnologies 3D cameras in the industrial sector are diverse. Here are a few examples:

  • Position detection of both objects and people
  • Counting applications
  • Navigation of driverless vehicles
  • Touchless gesture control of robots
  • Quality control within the manufacturing industry

3D cameras help to optimise production processes. Especially in unclear situations that are difficult for the human eye to analyse, 3D cameras provide the necessary clarity of vision. Zero-defect production cannot (yet) be achieved in this way, however, a major step has been taken in the direction of fully automated industrial processes.

Advanced products from pmdtechnologies at Automation24

In the Automation24 online store, you can purchase innovative 3D camera systems from pmdtechnologies, the specialist for 3D sensor technology.

The range of 3D sensors from the sensor systems category includes the 3D camera development kit flexx2 with a range of up to 4 m and a viewing angle of 56°x44°. The included "Royale" software package ticks every box in terms of flexibility. The flexx2 kit replaces the already successful pico flexx set and impresses with new ToF technology and optimised performance, among other features.

For a greater range of up to 6 m and a field of view of 100°x85°, Automation24 offers an ideal alternative in the pmd[vision]® CamBoard pico monstar development kit.

With pmdtechnologies, you have a reliable partner who is not easily fooled when it comes to 3D technology! Don't let yourself be fooled either and optimise the efficiency of your industrial processes with the state-of-the-art ToF-based 3D cameras from pmdtechnologies. Automation24 will dispatch orders received by 3 p.m. on the same working day.

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