Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Logo Do you require high-quality switching, protection, drive, or safety technology and would prefer a manufacturer with long-term experience? Then in the Automation24 online shop, you are perfectly catered for, as here you will find select solutions from the expert in the field, Schneider Electric.

Who are Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric is a French corporation, which is internationally renowned for its wide range of products in the areas of industrial and building automation and electrical energy distribution.

From early beginnings, to the present day: how Schneider Electric became an experienced expert in robust and durable industrial solutions

The early days of Schneider Electric date back to 1836; the year the company was founded. This was when the company made a name for itself as a pioneer in mechanical engineering and the steel industry.

A number of milestones in the company's history would soon follow suit. These also included the acquisition of strong companies, through which Schneider Electric expanded its expertise and its portfolio. Evidence of this can still be found in the former company names, which often appear within the product range in the form of brand names, such as Telemecanique, for example.

Over the course of time, the experienced manufacturer has continually proven itself to be an expert in robust and durable solutions, and has thus earned the trust of a great many users all over the world. Within heavy industries in particular, products from Schneider Electric continue to enjoy great popularity, which comes down to years of experience in steel construction.

The manufacturer also has one eye on the future, and is continually working to further develop its products. Schneider Electric is also making another important contribution to shaping a better future, for example, with climate-friendly production processes and sustainable packaging.

For which industries are Schneider Electric solutions suited?

Products from Schneider Electric are used in many different sectors, such as:

  • Automation technology
  • Motor and plant control
  • Building, installation and conveyor technology
  • Safety technology

Order products from Schneider Electric now – online, directly from Automation24!

In the Automation24 online shop you can find a wide range of products from the globally renowned manufacturer, Schneider Electric.

For instance, within the area of industrial controls, you can purchase TeSys D and TeSys K-type main contactors from the TeSys Deca series.

Compatible contactor relays are also available to go with the aforementioned main contractor types. To expand your contacts, you can also purchase auxiliary switch blocks. If you require corresponding accessories for main contactors / contactor relays, you will also find what you are looking for here.

What's more, within the protection equipment category, you will find circuit breakers for motor protection from the TeSys GV2 series, with both rotary and push button activation, for reliable safeguarding against overload and short circuits.

As an alternative means of overload protection, you could also go for the TeSys LRD and LR2K models of thermal overload relays from the monitoring relays category.

If you have limited space in your control cabinet, then the TeSys U-type compact starters from the drive technology category are a good choice. The combination of a compact starter base unit and a compact starter control unit can replace the joint use of a main contractor and a circuit breaker for motors and starters, and can thus help reduce the space required in your control cabinet by up to 57%.

What's more, Automation24 also offers mechanical position switches within the position sensors category.

Furthermore, within the safety technology category, there are select mechanical safety switches, safety relays, pull-rope emergency switches, and compatible accessories available.

Still not enough?! Don't panic, as the range of solutions from Schneider Electric is continually growing and you can look forward to even more proven solutions from the manufacturer landing very soon.

Regardless of which solution from Schneider Electric you go for – you can rely on the manufacturer's wealth of experience and the exceptional product quality!

If you place your order by 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, Automation24 will dispatch available goods on the very same day. You can look forward to first-class product solutions, with fast delivery. If you have any questions, the competent experts would be delighted to advise you. Go ahead and contact them.