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The new Siemens LOGO! Logic module with integrated web server

The new logic modules open up a world of possibilities for you

Find out here why LOGO! Logic modules from Siemens in the field of automation technology have become indispensable and the reason why you should take a closer look at the new LOGO! modules.

Logo! basic modules

Logic module LOGO! – clever & versatile use

New Siemens LOGO! – easier remote control via its own website

How is the new LOGO! prepared for remote access?

Create your own LOGO! communication network now

Logic module LOGO! – clever & versatile use

For smaller automation tasks in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in building technology, the LOGO! logic modules are indispensable.

Thanks to the integrated Ethernet interface, you can connect the logic modules with other components of the Siemens LOGO! series and form sophisticated communication networks.

In connection with expansion modules, a CMR communication module, the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels or the S7 systems, you always have access to various areas of your application and remain informed about the status of your machines and systems.

With this, you can react in good time if necessary and prevent impending machine breakdowns. Unnecessary downtime is a thing of the past.

Despite the vast functionality of the logic modules, the programming is easy. This is due to the LOGO! Soft Comfort software with its practical operation according to the drag drop principle.

Siemens LOGO! network

LOGO! logic modules can be connected in many ways

New Siemens LOGO! – easier remote control via its own website

Siemens LOGO! Webeditor in action

The web editor in action

Are you already impressed by the variety of possibilities the LOGO! from Siemens has to offer? Then you will also be pleased to know that remote control with the new LOGO! can now be made even easier. The new logic module has an integrated web server that allows you to access self-created web pages.

With the associated web editor you will be able to independently create websites that allow you to visualize and control your devices. This requires no HTML knowledge . In addition to the ability for individual backgrounds to be easily uploaded, factory-ready pre-built control and display elements are also available in a virtual library. If you have programming skills, you can design additional elements and add them to the library as needed.

The web editor also allows you to set different screen resolutions of the web pages to ensure optimal presentation on different devices.

The wireless monitoring and operation of your machines and systems via PC, tablet or smartphone has never been so easy.

How is the new LOGO! prepared for remote access?

First, with the LOGO! web editor design your own website, which will ultimately act as your remote control user interface. Since no HTML knowledge is needed for this, this is very easy.

Upload a background screen for your website, for example, a photo of your system then select and position the respective prefabricated switching elements by "drag & drop" directly at the points of application which the switches are to be triggered.

Afterwards you only transfer the data for your completed website to a standard Micro SD in the LOGO! basic module and the devices connected to your basic module are ready for remote access.

After bringing up the website on a PC, smartphone or tablet, your machines and systems can finally be wirelessly controlled and monitored..

Fernsteuerung mit Siemens LOGO!

Easy remote access to your devices with the new Siemens LOGO!

Create your own LOGO! communication network today

When used with an expansion module, HMI Basic Panel, a module from the S7-1200 series or a CMR communication module from the category Control systems, the LOGO! basic modules form a complete network to control and operate your devices.

Make your selection now:

LOGO! Basic modules


The web editor can be downloaded here free of charge:

To the web editor

With the new Siemens LOGO! logic modules and the possibility of easy remote control via integrated web server, you have your systems always under control. Discover the benefits today!

Do you need technical advice on the products? Then simply contact us. We will be glad to help you.