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Staal Instruments B.V.

Staal Instruments Logo If you want to take incredibly accurate level and volume measurements, and are planning to monitor these processes remotely, you should look no further than the Cloud-based radar level sensors from Staal Instruments. The high-quality sensors can now be purchased in the Automation24 online shop, offering exceptional value for money.

Staal Instruments B.V. – Specialist in simple remote level monitoring

Staal Instruments B.V., alongside Staal Technologies B.V. (formerly Omniradar) belongs to the Dutch Staal Group B.V. The manufacturer develops and produces radar level sensors and the associated software. The sensors are based on the 60 GHz FMCW radar technology developed by Staal Technologies.

In 2018, Staal Instruments brought its first Cloud-based IoT radar level sensor to the market. This enabled reliable remote level and volume monitoring, even under the harshest of conditions, and impresses with its exceptional user-friendliness.

Which industries benefit from Staal Instruments' radar technology?

Staal Instuments radar level sensors are used for level and volume measurement in the most diverse of sectors, such as:

  • Chemicals industry
  • Oil industry
  • Water and wastewater industry
  • Hydraulics industry
  • Food industry

Typical applications include, for example, dosing processes, determining the maximum and minimum fill levels of tanks, and water level monitoring in open bodies of water and sewer systems. Here, the radar sensors are generally mounted onto IBC containers, tanks, Variboxes®, drums, bridges, riverbanks, or manholes.

Thanks to their CE and FCC/IC certification, Staal Instruments sensors are suitable for global use.

Order cloud-based radar level sensors from Staal instruments now in the Automation24 online shop!

If you want to measure the levels of bulk solids and liquids contactlessly and monitor these levels irrespective of your location, the radar level transmitters from Staal Instruments are just the thing for you.

At Automation24, within the level measurement category, you can choose between the maxShift 60 COMPACT and maxShift 60 series.

The maxShift60 COMPACT series impresses with its space-saving design and is primarily suited for mounting onto plastic containers.

The maxShift 60 radar level sensors, on the other hand, feature a very robust enclosure and are intended for metal tanks. Optionally, you can connect an antenna or an external power supply to these models.

Both types of radar level sensor have an IP68 protection rating, and are resistant to chemicals and water. They are suitable for a temperature range from -40°C to 60°C and can be used in harsh environments. The sensors are powered by long-life, replaceable batteries, which are included within the scope of supply.

The wireless radar sensors can be connected to Staal Instruments' own in-house Cloud service. You thus receive mobile access to extensive sensor and process data, which you can evaluate and process. To this end, you can configure individual measurement intervals, starting from every 15 mins and thus be informed of the fill levels of your tanks, e.g. once daily.

The StaalCloud also offers various options such as reporting, visualisation, and GPS functions. A practical alarm function is also included and provides support in preventing critical situations, such as when tanks overflow or run empty.

In order to be able to use the Cloud service provided by Staal Instruments, and thus benefit from the convenience of remote monitoring, you will require an account at and a data tariff that is in keeping with your requirements.

In the Automation24 online shop, you can choose between various prepaid tariffs. Depending on your use, your credit will be automatically and transparently debited. As a new customer, Automation24 would like to give you the one-off gift of an additional 1,000 free credits.

With regard to the compatible mounting accessories from Staal Instruments, we also have you covered. In the mounting accessories for process sensors product category, you will find brackets for various mounting positions, seals, and thread adapters.

Order radar level sensors from Staal Instruments, including a data tariff for practical Cloud access today! With impressive value for money, you can thus achieve efficient level and volume measurement, as well as the monitoring of your systems, at any time and from any location.

Should you have any questions, the expert support team at Automation24 would be happy to assist you. Simply get in contact if you need us.