Switched-mode power supplies / UPS

Principle of operation of switched mode power supplies

Switched Mode Power Supplies are found in the category Power Supplies and are designed to provide an optimum power source for sensors and other electronic components. They have a high efficiency and convert a non-stabilized input voltage into a DC voltage at a different level. It is irrelevant whether the input voltage is DC or AC voltage. Applications for switched mode power supplies are typically found in control cabinets and electrical panels of all kinds.

Therefore, there are many application areas for industrial switched mode power supplies, such as:

  • Installation and building automation technology
  • Large-scale industry, eg. shipbuilding and machine construction
  • Factory automation
  • System operation and control


Order Switched Mode Power Supplies online from Automation24

Automation24 offers you numerous options for switched mode power supplies for a low price. This can only be achieved through a focus on offering products from specialists for switched mode power supply units such as PHOENIX CONTACT and Siemens. The offered range of switched-mode power supplies includes single and three-phase versions, which have either a rated input voltage of 100 to 240 V AC, 120 to 230 V or from 400 to 500 V AC. The nominal output voltage provided is 12 V DC or 24 V DC.

We can offer you power supplies from PHOENIX CONTACT exclusively from the series STEP-POWER, TRIO-POWER and UNO-POWER. The switched mode power supplies from the series STEP-POWER such as the PHOENIX 286851 - STEP-PS/1AC/24DC/2.5 offer high efficency as well as low idle losses. The TRIO-POWER series to which, for example, the PHOENIX 2866310 - TRIO-PS/ 1AC/24DC/5 belongs is characterized by a wide temperature range without derating and a high dielectric strength up to 300V. The output voltage can be adjusted from the front. Thanks to the UL approval, worldwide use of these switched mode power supplies without obstructions is possible. The switched mode power supply product series UNO-POWER like the PHOENIX 2902991 UNO-PS/1AC/24DC/30W, thanks to their compact design, occupy very little space in control cabinets and are ideally suited for loads of up to 100 W. Power modules for a stabilised power supply for LOGO! Minicontrollers or SIMATIC S7-1200/5 controllers are available for you from Siemens.

At Automation24 you will find a wide range of switched mode power supplies at very reasonable prices. Select the right power supply unit (PSU) for your application today!