TiTEC Logo You do not want to make any compromises in your measurement technology processes? We do not want you to do that either and therefore offer you high-quality products from TiTEC for reliable temperature, pressure and humidity measurements!

Who is TiTEC?

The company TiTEC Temperaturmesstechnik GmbH, based in Bräunlingen and Donaueschingen, was founded in 2003.

As the full company name already indicates, TiTEC has specialized in temperature measuring instruments. But the repertoire also includes high-quality measuring instruments for pressure, humidity, flow, motion, mixed gas and light.

All products come from the ultra-modern in-house production. The high-quality standard is ensured by a 100 percent final inspection.

TiTEC is internationally active and has made a name for itself in the fields of measurement technology and sensor technology.

TiTEC products for use in various industries

TiTEC products are used in many industrial sectors for the measurement of process values, e.g:

  • Building automation
  • Food industry
  • Power engineering
  • Transportation technology
  • Plant construction

Order now products from TiTEC at Automation24

Automation24 offers you in the category process sensors a wide range of products from TiTEC.

You will receive differential pressure sensors of the manufacturer for positive, negative and differential pressure measurements in different pressure measuring ranges.

In addition, you will find from the sensor systems humidity sensors from TiTEC GmbH for the measurement of humidity indoors and outdoors.

You will also find what you are looking for in the field of resistance thermometers: TITEC temperature sensors are available in Pt100 and Pt1000 versions for temperature measurement in living rooms and offices as well as for outdoor applications. Automation24 also offers thermowells from the manufacturer in different lengths to match the resistance thermometers.

In addition, high-quality temperature sensors from TiTEC are available for outdoor and indoor use.

Rely on the highest quality in the field of measurement technology and order products from TiTEC GmbH at the best prices today! We dispatch available items directly from our own warehouse.