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Weidmüller - Development specialists for Industrial Connectivity

The manufacturer Weidmüller was founded in 1850 as a textile production company in Chemnitz by Carl August Weidmüller. As early as 1943, the focus was on "Industrial Connectivity" and the development of optimal solutions for the connection of power, signals and data in the industrial sector. Today, the headquarters is located in Detmold.

Since 1959, Weidmüller has been available on the international market, now in more than 80 countries.

Weidmüller guarantees high and secure product quality for the future

The family-owned company Weidmüller focuses on the needs and technological requirements of various markets and industries such as machine production, building technology, the process industry, renewable energies, energy generation and the automotive industry.

The perpetual ambition of Weidmüller to develop new, innovative and improved products which also meet future requirements has, for example, created an innovation like the stripax®. The stripax®, invented in 1967, is a unique stripping tool on the market that allows damage-free working of conductors.

Thanks to the perfect ergonomics for the best possible handling, this product innovation was awarded the design prize in 1988.

Before Weidmüller's products reach the customers, they are thoroughly tested to ISO 9000ff quality management standards as well as in their in-house laboratory, which is monitored by independent institutes. Thus, nothing is left to chance and the development of safe, high-quality as well as high-performance products is guaranteed. Thanks to the customer oriented focus, the innovative drive, the qualified and committed employees as well as the high product and process quality, Weidmüller succeeds in developing the best possible solutions and keeping up with the sign of the times.

Weidmüller work tools at Automation24

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The ingenious ergonomics of the products ensure fatigue-free working and the practical functionalities enable faster work processes.

Choose your preferred Weidmüller products from our range of pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers and crimping tools, screwdrivers, control cabinet keys and voltage testers.

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