Wera Logo Do you want screwdrivers that perform reliably and quickly? Then you should get to know the easy-to-use screwdrivers from Wera. See the excellent quality made in Germany for yourself. Order Wera products at the best prices from Automation24.

Wera work tools – specialist for screwdrivers

Wera is a German company founded in 1936, with its headquarters in Wuppertal. The company has specialised in screwdrivers and is one of the leading businesses in the work tools sector.

What makes Wera products different?

Wera offers a wide range of work tools, which impress with the following characteristics:

  • High-quality appearance
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Hexagon anti-roll protection
  • "Take it easy" colour-coding according to size
  • Extremely durable

The ergonomic design enables fast and comfortable working with screws.

Which Wera work tools can you purchase from Automation24?

In the work tools section at Automation24 you will find screwdrivers and tool kits from Wera.

Thanks to their multi-component Kraftform Plus handle the VDS-insulated screwdrivers and socket wrenches are suitable for long periods of use. You can purchase them individually, or in practical sets.

In addition, spanner sets are available with Joker combination ring/open-ended ratchet sets for hex nuts and hex screw heads. You can choose from four, six and eleven-part sets in a handy folding case. The Joker spanners avoid the risk of slipping by having an end stop and double-hexagon geometry.

You will also find corrosion-resistant angled wrench sets for hexagon socket screws and especially for TORX® screws, which reduce the risk of deforming the screw thanks to their large contact surface are in the screw head. The ball-ended profile allow flexible "around the corner" use. The covering of the shafts allows comfortable use of the wrench sets even at low temperatures. The wear-free clip material holds the wrenches together securely and also allows them to be removed easily for use.

If you are also looking for a matching storage solution for your work tools then the Wera 2go tool bags are perfect for you.

Make your screwdriving tasks efficient and comfortable now by ordering Wera hand tools and tool kits at Automation24. All products are available from stock and are shipped to you within 24 hours!