Wieland Electric

Wieland Logo Do you have a lot hanging on the secure automation of your operational processes? Then you should familiarise yourself with the safety products from Wieland available at Automation24!

Who are Wieland Electric

Medium-sized company Wieland Electric was founded in 1910 in Bamberg, Germany, and offers product solutions for industry and building services.

The manufacturer is not only the global market leader in the field of plug-in electrical installations for utility buildings, but also impresses with innovative safety technology.

When is a safety solution from Wieland suitable?

Wieland safety products are suitable for areas in which machines pose a hazard to users. These solutions can be used to provide safety functions, such as automatic workplace and access protection, or the safe shutting down of machinery. By way of an example, this is essential in the following areas of application:

  • Packaging technology
  • Intralogistics
  • Combustion plants
  • Presses
  • Robotics
  • Cutting and milling technology

Innovative safety technology from Wieland Electric in the Automation24 product range

For more than 100 years, customers in industry and building services have been placing their trust in the expertise of Wieland Electric. Automation24 also trusts Wieland and thus offers a host of products in the area of safety technology.

In the online shop you will find both safety relay modules in the form of safety relays, which provide the basic monitoring of safety-relevant electric circuits, two-hand-monitoring relays for the monitoring of two-hand control panels, and time-delayed safety relays for the control of tumblers.

Contact expansion modules are also available for the expansion of safety contacts following connection to basic safety relays.

In addition, safety small controllers samos® PRO COMPACT are also available from Wieland Electric. The use of this module is particularly well-suited if more than three safety functions are to be performed. The Wieland small control units can be graphically programmed and have a time-saving automatic documentation function, which is the only of its kind on the market.

In the field of safe drive technology, a standstill monitor can be purchased from the experienced manufacturer to enable secure tumbler release.

"Safety first" – you can now "simply, safely, and flexibly" ensure an appropriate level of safety in your automation processes with products from Wieland Electric!

If you order by 3 p.m., Automation24 will dispatch in-stock items on the same day. Still have questions? Feel free to contact the competent technical support team directly. You will receive comprehensive advice on safety technology products, along with other products from within our product range.