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Wika Are you looking for products with which you can perform various measuring tasks with a high level of reliability? You can do this with pressure gauges, submersible pressure transmitters, load cells, and many other products from WIKA, which can be affordably purchased at Automation24.

WIKA Alexander Wiegand: Specialist in measurement technology

The company WIKA was founded already in the year 1946 so that it can look back at more than 75 years of history. Today the family business that is run by Alexander Wiegand the founder's grandson is among the specialists in measurement technology with worldwide activites. It is even the global market leader in pressure and temperature measurement. Comprehensive solutions are developed on the basis of individual components that are specially tailored to the customer's individual requirements. Solid engineering know-how and exemplary service guarantee the success of the company located in Klingenberg/Main, Germany.

Areas of application fo WIKA products

WIKA has a comprehensive product range in the area of pressure, temperature, force and level measurement technology. The brand's engineers and technicians are continually developing new and innovative products with a view to offering customers optimal solutions, e.g. in the area of process instrumentation. The products undergo continuous quality controls and feature a redundant design so as to prevent failures/downtime.

The company's measurement technology is used in the most varied of industries, including:

  • Energy technology
  • Chemicals
  • Food technology
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Calibration technology
  • Automotive sector

For these industries, the company manufactures fully electronic, mechatronic, or purely mechanically functioning measurement technology. WIKA also manufactures and supplies compatible accessories.

Products from WIKA in the Automation24 online shop

As part of a versatile product portfolio, WIKA components are also available at Automation24 - the online shop for automation technology. This includes products for pressure measurement, such as pressure gauges. With their Bourdon tube technology, these are particularly economical and reliable. There is also a large selection of pressure transmitters, including those from the WIKA A-10 series, which can be configured for individual applications. For the commissioning, maintenance, or calibration of pressure meters, gauge valves such as shut-off valves or needle valves and cocks should be used. This way, the measuring devices can be safely removed from the process.

Submersible pressure transmitters, also known as immersion probes or level sensors, are a commonly used solution for level measurement. They are particularly well suited for use in water, and can be easily commissioned. By detecting the pressure at the base, conclusions can be drawn with regard to the fill level. Point level sensors are a suitable option for level detection. For point level measurement, WIKA offers optoelectronic level switches, which notify you when a certain level is reached. Another option are mechanical and direct-switching float switches.

A wide range of measuring devices can also be purchased for temperature measurement. Bimetal thermometers are well suited for use in industrial applications. Resistance thermometers and temperature sensors with a Pt100 rating are also available, as are temperature transmitters to transfer the measurement signal over large distances. There are also thermowells to protect the temperature sensors against abrasion, corrosion, vibrations, and mechanical influences.

For the detection of forces, Automation24 offers weighing technology within its measuring & regulation technology category. The force transducers are designed to determine compressive and/or tensile forces in static and dynamic measurements. One special form of force transducer are single-point-load-cells, which are integrated into weighing equipment and offer a particularly high measurement accuracy. Shear beam load cells are used to determine shear forces. As with bending beam load cells, they are used in weighing technology and mechanical engineering. Another possible application is the determination of torques. Compatible accessories for weighing technology, as well as weighing electronics, are also available at Automation24.

Products from WIKA can be found at particularly affordable prices at Automation24! Don't delay - find the suitable measurement technology for your automation process at Automation24. Of course, you can also get in touch with us using the contact form on our website, or by phone, if you have questions regarding individual products or your order.